Congratulations to Assia Boundaoui for winning the 2020 Livingston Award for National Reporting!

PBS’s POV “The Feeling of Being Watched” shares her deeply personal story uncovering a two-decade FBI investigation and the corrosive impact of perpetual surveillance on the Muslim American community of Bridgeview, Illinois that Boundaoui’s Algerian-American family has called home.

 “The humanity she dared share, showed the story more powerfully than a keep your distance reporter could…. I say it made us all watch and feel – really feel.”  – Ken Auletta, Livingston Awards national judge. 

It’s been a privilege for theColourSpace to be a part of Assia’s continued success. Our CFO, Laika loves getting a chance to collaborate with all our clients; but her work with Assia has been transformative.